Getting and staying organised is integral to running any business. We’ve recently moved some elements of our project management to the wonderful Notion app TeamWork. But for time tracking and monitoring we use a couple of other apps.


Harvest is a time tracking app that sits on your Mac’s menu bar. When we start a new project, we log in to Harvest (via the web app), set the project up - with a client, project name, project code, start and end dates and budget. When that’s saved and synced with the desktop app, we’re then ready to log time whenever we’re working on that specific project.

It’s easy to see reports about logged time. And you can set email notifications when a project exceeds a specific percentage of the budget. Super helpful.

We’ve been using it since 2014. You can try it with $10 off your first month (and I’ll receive a $10 credit too if you sign up. Whoop!).


Unlike Harvest, RescueTime doesn’t need you to manually log time. Instead, it runs in the background (again in the menu bar) tracking time spent on applications and websites. You can then log in and see an accurate picture of your computing activities from any day (week or month) since you installing the app.

It’s a powerful and insightful tool. And can help you kerb those I-just-need-to-check-twitter-one-more-time moments.