When adding testimonials to your homepage, some rules to keep in mind are:

1. Less is more

Don’t overload the visitor with loads of testimonials – they’ll probably only read a few.

If you need more than three to convey what your clients think of you then perhaps you’ve not chosen the right testimonials to use.

2. Only show one at a time

Don’t overload the visitor with lots of text. Let them only process and focus on one at a time.

3. Keep them short

So visitors can quickly scan them.

4 Add photos

If possible, for extra credibility add a photo of the person who gave the testimonial. Make sure they’re good photos too, not pouting selfies.

PRO TIP: If you’ve got the equipment available, take the photo next time your client visits your office.

5. Write the testimonial yourself

Now, let me be clear: Don’t make them up!

It’s unlikely that a client will ever give you a perfectly formatted testimonial to use on your site.

Here’s how you can get a great testimonial from your client that is perfect to use on your site:

Let’s say you’re with a client and they said something to you like:

“You guys are amazing. I think, in total, we saved about £10,000 this year. Things are going really well and now we’re able to take on Dave as an extra admin person!”

Make a note of what they’ve said – shorten it, reformat it and pop it in an email for them to approve, like this:

Hi {{ first name }},

Remember you said that we’d saved you £10,000 and now you’ve got Dave working with you? We’re stoked, too!

Would you mind if we used that as a testimonial on our website?

Here’s some text I’ve put together for your testimonial.

“Our old accountants had no idea we could save an additional £10K each year. {{ YOUR-FIRMS-NAME-HERE }} saved us £10K this year and now we’re able to take on a new staff member and grow the company”

Is this OK with you?

It’s now a short story of transformation.

People love stories.

People especially love stories about transformation.

If there’s a good case for it – you can also link the testimonial to a case study or blog post to expand further what you did to help your client.

But again keep the long form text out of the way for now. If people want to read more, they’ll delve deeper later.

Video testimonials work really well too – but only if your client is comfortable on camera.

And you’ll need technical skills or resources to produce a quality video. A poorly lit and sloppily edited testimonial filmed on your iPhone may give the wrong impression of your firm.

There’s a couple of ways you can use testimonials to increase your SEO, too. We’ll cover that in a later chapter.

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