Brian crocker

Brian Crocker

Project Manager

Brian has been working in the digital sphere for 16 years as a web developer, software engineer, project and CTO. He has a wealth of digital experience in various industries such as education, streaming, market research and ecommerce.

He lives in Plymouth with his wife and 2 children and at the weekends doubles up as the family jester and climbing frame for his kids.

Brian's Top 3 Top 3's

Food 🍴

  1. Burgers 🍔
  2. Chinese 🇨🇳
  3. Greek 🇬🇷

Movies 🎬

  1. Captain America: Winter Solider
  2. Iron Man
  3. The Dark Knight

Holiday Destinations 🌴

  1. Rhodes 
  2. Milan
  3. America
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