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Craft CMS Developer Benchmark Results 2021

Matt Ellis December 9th, 2021
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We did this benchmark to:

  1. Give insight into the Craft CMS developer community
  2. Give ideas of how to use Craft CMS better
  3. Give ammunition for pitching Craft CMS to clients

We created this benchmark because:

  1. We're a Craft CMS agency
  2. We believe the report will be helpful for the community
  3. We wanted to learn and get better at what we do (and hope you do too)

And just to clarify – we have no association with Craft CMS or Pixel & Tonic.

The response from the community about the survey was really positive.

Thank you to the 242 people from 33 countries across the world who took the time to fill it in 🙏.

On to the results!...

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The Results

Craft CMS Developer Benchmark 2021 results:

What describes you best?

First off, we were trying to suss out what sort of Craft CMS developers were filling in the survey.

It was a pretty even split between working at an agency, running an agency and freelancers.

From the 'Other' category, were 'An in house creative' — and 'A hosting company'.

What size is your agency?

How many years of professional coding experience do you have?

How long have you been using Craft CMS?

Will the real Brandon Kelly please stand up?

Approximately how many Craft CMS projects have you worked on in total?

With 2.9% of respondents having worked on an impressive 100+ Craft CMS projects. Nice!👌