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Craft CMS and Plugin upgrades

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Increased performance and usability

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Craft CMS Dev 4

Craft CMS Upgrades

Upgrade to Craft CMS 5 and access latest features, security improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Comprehensive Site Audit

A thorough audit of the existing Craft CMS setup, including core configurations, plugins, custom code, and third-party integrations.

Compatibility Check

Evaluate the compatibility of all plugins and custom features with the new version of Craft CMS.

Pre-Upgrade Preparation

Create complete backups of the website, including databases and files, to ensure data safety.

Server Environment Review

Assess and update server configurations to meet the requirements of the new Craft CMS version.

Craft CMS Upgrade Execution

Perform the upgrade of Craft CMS to the latest major version.

Plugin Updates

Update all installed plugins to their latest compatible versions, including handling any deprecated or incompatible plugins.

If existing custom plugins are outdated or incompatible, we'll redevelop to match the new CMS version standards.

Custom Code Adjustment

Modify templates and modules to ensure compatibility with the new version.

Routing and SEO Check

Review and adjust URL routing to ensure that SEO is maintained and no links are broken.

Data Migration

Execute necessary database migrations and updates using Craft CMS migration scripts.

Data Integrity Testing

Ensure all data is accurately migrated and no data loss occurs.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Comprehensive testing of all site functionalities, including forms, navigation, and custom features.

Performance Testing

Measure site performance and optimise as needed to ensure the site is fast and responsive.

Multi-Site Configuration

Ensure that multi-site setups are properly configured and functioning correctly after the upgrade.

API and Integration Testing

Verify that all third-party integrations and APIs continue to work as expected.

Issue Resolution

Post-upgrade support to address any issues that arise .

Bug Fixes

Fix any bugs or issues discovered after the upgrade.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor the site’s performance and make necessary adjustments.

Post-Upgrade Training

Training sessions to familiarise the your team with new features and changes in the upgraded CMS.

Updated Documentation

Updated documentation and guidelines for managing the upgraded site.

Upgrade Report

A detailed report of the upgrade process, including changes made, issues encountered, and resolutions.

Getting started with our Craft CMS Upgrade Service

Step 1

Get in touch

Let us know about your Craft CMS and Plugin setup.

Step 2

Code Audit + Onboarding

We'll assess your project and move you into our upgrade echo-system.

Step 3


Your Craft CMS site and Plugins running the latest version.


Craft CMS Upgrade FAQs

Whats the difference between a Craft CMS ‘update’ and an ‘upgrade’?

Updating Craft CMS

Updating generally refers to installing minor releases within the same major version of Craft CMS. These releases typically include:

  • Bug fixes: Corrections for issues and bugs found in the current version.
  • Security patches: Updates that address security vulnerabilities to keep the site secure.
  • Performance improvements: Enhancements that make the CMS run more efficiently.
  • Minor feature additions: Small new features or improvements that do not drastically change how the CMS operates.

For example, moving from version 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 is considered an update. This process is usually straightforward and involves:

  • Checking release notes for any important changes.
  • Backing up the site and database.
  • Running the update process through the control panel or via Composer.
  • Verifying that the update did not disrupt any functionality.

We do this as part of our monthly Craft CMS Maintenance service.

Upgrading Craft CMS

Upgrading typically refers to moving from one major version of Craft CMS to another, such as from Craft 3 to Craft 4, or from Craft 4 to Craft 5. These upgrades often involve more significant changes, including:

  • Major new features: Introduction of significant new functionality that can enhance or change the way the CMS is used.
  • Overhaul of existing features: Major improvements or changes to existing features that may affect how they are used.
  • Architecture changes: Changes to the underlying code structure, which might require adjustments to custom plugins, themes, or the site's codebase.
  • Breaking changes: Modifications that may not be backward-compatible, requiring additional work to ensure the site functions correctly after the upgrade.

Upgrading is usually more complex than updating and may involve:

  • Thoroughly reviewing release notes and documentation to understand the changes.
  • Testing the upgrade in a staging environment to identify any issues or required code adjustments.
  • Updating or rewriting custom plugins, modules, or templates to be compatible with the new version.
  • Running migration scripts provided by Craft to update the database schema and data.
  • Extensive testing to ensure that all aspects of the site function correctly after the upgrade.

Key Differences of a Craft CMS ‘update’ and an ‘upgrade’:

  1. Scope of Changes:
    • Updating: Minor changes, mostly bug fixes, security patches, and small feature improvements.
    • Upgrading: Major changes, new features, architecture changes, and potential breaking changes.
  2. Complexity:
    • Updating: Generally straightforward and can often be done quickly.
    • Upgrading: More complex and may require significant adjustments to custom code and thorough testing.
  3. Impact:
    • Updating: Minimal impact on the overall functionality and operation of the site.
    • Upgrading: Potentially significant impact, requiring careful planning and execution.

Why should we upgrade our Craft CMS website?

Upgrading ensures you have access to the latest features, security improvements, performance enhancements, and bug fixes. It also keeps your site compatible with modern web standards and technologies.

What does upgrading Craft CMS involve?

Upgrading involves moving from one major version of Craft CMS to another (e.g., Craft 4 to Craft 5).

This process can include significant changes to the core system, new features, improvements, and possibly breaking changes that require adjustments to your existing setup.

How long does the upgrade process typically take?

The time required for an upgrade depends on the complexity of your site, including custom plugins and third-party integrations.

Generally, it can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to complete the upgrade process, including testing and adjustments.

Will there be any downtime during the upgrade?

There may be some downtime while the upgrade is being deployed. However, we aim to minimise downtime by scheduling updates during off-peak / low traffic hours and thoroughly testing changes in a staging environment before applying them to the live site.

What are the risks associated with upgrading?

Risks include potential compatibility issues with existing plugins and custom code. There may also be changes in functionality that require updates to your workflows or content management practices. However, with comprehensive testing we’ll help mitigate these risks.

How will the upgrade impact our existing plugins and custom plugins?

Major upgrades can affect the compatibility of existing plugins and custom plugins. We will need to check each plugin for compatibility with the new Craft CMS version, update them as necessary, and potentially rewrite custom plugins to ensure they function correctly.

For more info see our Custom Craft CMS Plugin Development service.

Do we need to update our server environment for the new version?

New versions of Craft CMS may have different server requirements, such as updated PHP versions or specific extensions. We will review and update your server environment as needed to ensure compatibility.

How do you handle data migration during the upgrade?

We perform data migration by following Craft CMS’s guidelines and using migration scripts provided by the CMS. We also conduct thorough testing to ensure data integrity and consistency throughout the process.

What if we have a multi-site setup?

If you have a multi-site setup, we will review each site’s configuration and ensure that the upgrade process accommodates all sites. We will test each site individually to ensure there are no issues.

How do you ensure that third-party integrations and APIs continue to work?

We review all third-party integrations and APIs to ensure they are compatible with the new version. This includes testing API calls, authentication methods, and data flows to ensure everything functions smoothly after the upgrade.

What happens if an issue arises during the upgrade?

If an issue arises, we will troubleshoot and resolve it promptly. Our process includes creating backups before starting the upgrade, so we can revert to the previous version if necessary and minimise disruption.

How do you handle training and documentation updates post-upgrade?

We provide updated documentation and training videos to familiarise your team with new features and changes. This ensures a smooth transition and helps you make the most of the upgraded CMS.

What are the costs associated with upgrading?

Costs depend on the complexity of your site, the extent of customisations, and the amount of testing required. We provide a detailed estimate after an initial assessment of your site.

How often should we consider upgrading our Craft CMS website?

Major upgrades are typically recommended every few years, aligning with the release cycle of Craft CMS. Regularly upgrading helps you stay current with new features and security updates.

What support do you offer after the upgrade?

We offer ongoing Craft CMS Support & Development Retainers and Craft CMS Maintenance to address any issues that may arise after the upgrade. This includes troubleshooting, bug fixes, and assistance with any new features or changes.

How do we prepare for the upgrade?

Preparing for the upgrade involves auditing your current site, identifying key areas that may require changes, ensuring you have backups, and planning for testing. We will guide you through each step of the preparation process.

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