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Despite lacking a Dragon’s Den-worthy origin, as you find with many successful businesses, Will and Alex were simply two guys working together in a consultancy who got frustrated by the things they felt weren’t being done properly, so William Alexander Recruitment was born in 2010.

By 2023, boasting a £22m turnover, awards under their belt and a catalogue of top-tier contracts, a new name and identity became imperative.

What they get told more than anything, is that their teams of associates are ‘all-stars’. Niche skills. Highly motivated. Correctly incentivised. Turn off and onable and not picked off a bench. You might even say 'stellar'.

We developed a unique visual identity and brand system that amplified their purpose and set them up for success in their new chapter as Stellarmann.

Stellarmann Logo Animated
Stellarmann Stars Animated

The heart of the identity is the proposition 'All-star project teams', a simple and powerful statement which communicates the quality and unity of their people, this became the springboard for a fresh visual and verbal identity to set them apart from the stale and corporate competition.

We crafted an identity which called upon three key threads. Quality, or in this case 'stellar' is depicted through a star graphic, which weaves its way into a crafted logotype, ident and a flexible brand device. The second is 'teams', we developed a unique and dynamic illustration style, to reflect their people in a more light-hearted, approachable manner and touches on the final thread of 'sport'.

Illustration Cards 1

In a pool of bland competitors, boasting fifty-shades of dull, Stellarmann hits back with a vibrant and attention-demanding colour scheme to reinforce their playful and energetic personality.

We selected fonts with character, to complement their fun-loving, real and straightforward tone of voice, while a peppy motion style helps to add an extra spring to iconography and video content. 

Stellarmann Swatches Animated
Stellarmann Type
Icons Animated
Billboard Mockup

To equip their team with the tools to both consistently execute and police their new identity, we delivered a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

Stellarmann Guidelines

I absolutely love it. You are a genius. Best website I’ve ever been involved in.

Susie Lee-Kilgariff
Group head of marketing

Stellarmann Website

To bring Stellarmann into the digital realm, we rolled out the new visual identity into a brand new website, built from the ground up on Craft CMS.

The new site provides Stellarmann with a platform to share their expertise and cement themselves as thought-leaders in the change management field.

Squad pages

Thank you 🙏

A huge thank you to Will and Alex for putting your trust in us to bring your brand identity to life, and to Susie who's awesome strategy work set a strong foundation for us to build on. We loved being part of the process and are excited for where this can take you.

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