A website discovery workbook to deliver clarity on your next website

53-page PDF. Instant download. Version 1.3

An essential workbook for new web projects

Get clarity to take action

Confidently lead the project

Proven framework

Eliminate guesswork

Learn what matters

Workbook 1

53 pages

Workbook 2

100+ prompts and discussion points

Workbook 3

Lead with clarity and confidence

Find out exactly what you're building – but more importantly, who you're building it for

53-page PDF. Instant download. Version 1.3

Disco Michael

Demystify and de-risk your next web project

Get Stakeholder Alignment

Get everyone on the same page and pointing in the right direction.


Remove doubts and build confidence in your website planning.

A Toolkit for Success

A defined way forward based on logical discussion.

Define Clearer Goals

A hierarchy of measurable user and business goals.

Tighter Specification

A foundation for website specification and definition.

Own The Workshop

Utilise the prompts to draw logical conclusions.

Mitigate Risks

Save pain further down the road by identifying and addressing early on.

Budget Alignment

See what's possible within the budget – and what needs to wait.

Proven Framework

Used on dozens of new web projects.

Disco Value 2

For agencies, freelancers & digital teams

Delivery Certainty

Critically thinking about all this takes a lot of brainpower.

Help Others Level Up

With minor shifts or major shake ups.

Side-step Mistakes

Avoid pitfalls of bad planning.

Become Unstuck

A toolkit to unravel complex and unique problems.

Be a Trusted Resource

Objectively asses business problems.

Transformation Guide

Guided towards the next significant steps.

Move Quick

A framework to get answers and clarity quickly.

Perfectly Positioned

Optimise the market opportunities.

See Where To Invest

Remove the guesswork from the project.

Workbook 5

Questions & prompts to lead the perfect workshop

The organisation

Who are they? Why do they exist? What makes them different?

The users

Who are they and what motivates them?

The Competitors

Who are they? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Products & Services

What do they offer? Why should someone choose them?

The Brand

Where do they sit in the market place? What are their strengths?

The Content

What do they already have? What do they need?

Technical Requirements

What technology do they need to hook into and utilise?

The Marketing

How will this site support marketing campaigns?

The Opportunities

What opportunities are they missing out on?

The workbook you wish you had for your last web project

53-page PDF. Instant download. Version 1.3


Website Discovery Workbook FAQs

Where can I run the workshop?

Our website discovery workbook workshop is designed to be run remotely using video calls and screen sharing. We've run dozens of discovery workshops this way, and it works a treat. But it also works perfectly in real life too. It's really up to you, the client and your team.

Who should lead the workshop?

The workshop can be lead by an individual or team – preferably someone who isn't afraid of asking or shying away from difficult questions.

Where possible, we'd recommend three different types of people running the session:

1. Business and strategy brains

to help draw out those all important goals and mediate between the technical and non-technical.

2. UX/UI Designer

To bring their expertise on what makes a successful user experience.

3. Developer

Developer to bring the technical knowledge and solutions needed to deliver the project.

However, this isn't always possible and it's not uncommon for these three roles to be covered by one person.

From my clients' side, who should I invite to the workshop?

Ideally, you'll need to bring along key stakeholders and/or decision-makers from the organisation you're working with.

Here's some examples:

1. Someone with high-level knowledge

Culture is often based on the history of the founder and the way they act – so having a founder present to share in their own words is beneficial.

2. Decision-maker

Digital discovery sessions can sometimes involve big changes from to meet their users needs. Having someone in the session who can verify how realistic those changes could be made is beneficial.

3. Someone on the ground

These are the people who are directly effected by the result of the project, e.g. a marketing manager.

This isn't always possible, so for smaller teams and organisations, these roles may be covered by one person.

How long will the workshop last?

That's up to you – but there’s a lot to cover, so, we would factor in 6 to 7 hours. This should give you enough time to discuss all the points in detail. However, if it's specifically complex problem we're trying to solve, then it may run into a second day.

How should I plan the workshop day?

Using the workbook, a typical workshop day will look like this:

  1. Welcome + Intros
  2. The Organisation
  3. The Offering
  4. The Audience
  5. The Competitors
  6. The Brand
  7. Lunch 🍔
  8. The Content
  9. The Technical Requirements
  10. The Marketing
  11. Finishing Up

When we're leading the website discovery workshop, the day usually starts at 10:00am with a break for lunch around 1:00pm – and aiming to be finished by 5:00pm.

What do I need to bring?

Just open and willing people and something to take notes with. If you’re running your session remotely, use your preferred video calling software and we’d recommend an app called Notion for taking notes, it’s mega! If you can, record your session, this way you can can keep the discussion flowing and go back if you miss anything in your notes.

What happens after the workshop?

That's totally up to you. However, what would recommend is as soon as possible after the workshop (while it's still fresh) that you send to the client:

  • Key findings and observations document
  • Recommendations
  • Next Steps
  • A link to the workshop recording

The next steps depend on how you work, but off the back of the website discovery workshop, a logical progression would be to move on to the following:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Sitemaps
  3. Wireframes / Prototypes
  4. UI/UX Design
  5. Development

53-page PDF. Instant download. Version 1.3

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Unlock the potential of your next website

Download the Website Discovery Workbook.

  • 53 pages
  • 100+ prompts and discussion points
  • A toolkit for new website projects
  • New and updated: September 2022. Version 1.3

53-page PDF. Instant download. Version 1.3

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