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Cardo has been in the greeting card publishing industry for more than twenty years. They wanted to bring their favourite publishers together under one roof and launch a new platform to sell their cards. They were moving away from the restrictive Shopify system and hit us up for something truly unique.

The new website had to reflect the diversity of their contributors, provide a better authorship experience, and deliver a great mobile user experience.

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Preparing for success

To kick off the process and lay the foundations for success, we lead Cardo through our Website Discovery Workshop for a deep dive into their business goals and how we could align those with their user’s needs. This eliminated the guesswork and gave us absolute clarity on what we needed to deliver.

We created wireframes to cement the user experience, focusing on concise and intuitive navigation system which gave users the freedom and tools to explore card collections.

Cardo Wireframes

Delivering on the details

Cardo like their cards to be beautiful, funny or arty - sometimes all at the same time! So creativity was a key driver in the design of the new website.

We applied their fresh and quirky brand identity, incorporating the client’s own awesome illustrations to create a vibrant and engaging front-end user experience, reflecting the diversity of their contributors. Subtle animations helped provide some extra bells and whistles, whilst subtly directing the user around the site’s UI design.

The design gave Cardo the flexibility to react to seasonal and cultural changes, allowing them to showcase curated collections and create bespoke colour themes to match.

Cardo Homepage

Particular emphasis was placed on the discovery of new cards. We devised a unique navigation system, allowing the user to discover cards by their interests, personal style, personality and every occasion imaginable. All presented in a clear, accessible experience which champions the amazing artwork of the cards.

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Developing the dream

We're Craft CMS developer agency and built the entire project using the flexible CMS and its 1st party e-commerce plugin, Craft Commerce, providing Cardo with ultimate flexibility and expandability. The website hooks directly into their stock management system via Veeqo for simplifies shipping and no-fuss tracking. Payment integrations with PayPal, Apple Pay and Stripe give their users a seamless and intuitive mobile experience.

Cardo Mobile Payment

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