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Helping The Santa Marta Group discover and define a new identity to elevate its authority as a catalyst for change.

The Santa Marta Group


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The background

The Santa Marta Group is an anti-trafficking charity that aims to act as a catalyst for law enforcement, civil society and the Church to work together to combat this global crime.

The alliance was launched in 2014, supported by Pope Francis and named after his residence, Santa Marta, in which the group stayed. At that first meeting, Pope Francis described human trafficking as “an open wound on the body of contemporary society; a crime against humanity.”

The Santa Marta Group needed to increase their digital presence and build brand awareness in order to help make high-value connections to systematically tackle modern slavery.

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The strategy

Unlike other human rights organisations working ‘on the ground’, The Santa Marta Group make their impact at the very highest level by encouraging partnerships between leaders to develop effective strategies and inform policy change internationally.

We identified key values of expertise, humility, integrity and trust to position the Santa Marta Group as key agents for change, with a focus on inspiring through story sharing and promoting resources.

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The aesthetic

We developed a sobering visual identity, reflecting their values and positioning through direct, practical imagery, free of superfluous graphic elements.

A primary brand colour of blue evokes trust, whilst complimentary colours of red and yellow represent their heritage within the Catholic Church and provide a sense of energy. A minimalist typographic logo continues the humble approach and is complimented by an acronym badge.

The visual identity was wrapped up with a set of informative brand guidelines to help The Santa Marta Group protect their investment by informing and policing how partners and collaborators use their identity.

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The application

We rolled out the new brand to a suite of report covers and improved their digital identity with a new website.

Being Craft CMS web developers – the obvious choice was to use Craft CMS. It's flexibility made it simple to apply the fresh Santa Marta Group visual identity to the website to equip them with a platform to increase their brand awareness, make new connections and promote their goals to ‘Identify, Inspire, Initiate’.

The web design embodies the visual identity with a clean and clear user interface and encourages users to explore their impact through insights, stories and resources.

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