An invitation to a murder

Creating an interactive murder mystery story to support the launch of Google’s smartphone, the Pixel Fold.

Google + Ogilvy


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It turns out a lot of people in the UK love chewing over a good murder mystery, and lots of people turn to their smartphones to pass the time on public transit. What better time to play detective?

Ogilvy approached us to conceptualise, design and build an immersive, interactive murder mystery, written by author Ajay Chowdhury, for Google to promote the release of their new smartphone, the Google Pixel Fold.

AB Head

We created a visual identity for the story, featuring torn paper textures and macabre imagery inspired by a character's love of crafting clues by hand.

(Spoiler alert)

AB body
Fold Mockup

Once we'd nailed a creative concept, the process began by wireframing our vision, to demonstrate how we could make use of the Pixel Fold's larger-than-average screen to enhance the reading experience.

Google Fold Wireframes

We designed the interactive murder mystery specifically to make use of the Pixel Fold’s large screen. The story journeys through the chapters with gritty, AI-generated graphics to set the mood.

User interactions engage the reader and a bespoke soundtrack, inspired by the setting of each chapter, builds suspense. Making the reader feel truly part of the story.

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Image grid 2
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Google Speechmark

The sound and video effects mean it feels like a mix between reading a book and consuming some interactive entertainment, or even participating in the murder mystery yourself.

Andrea Zvinakis
Google product lead for Android foldable and large-screen surfaces

Google mockup hands

The project gained global recognition on its launch, being featured in Forbes, Stuff and Google’s own blog amongst many others.

Google logo set 3

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