We're a brand strategy agency

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Discover who you are

Communicate why you exist

Evaluate your brand's position

Discover what works and what sucks

Know what makes you distinctive

Connect with your audience

Set your brand up for success

Not standing out from your competitors? 

Lacking customer trust and loyalty?

Can’t explain what you do?

Can't identify your weaknesses?

Can't focus your marketing?

Looking to grow your market share?

Brand Discovery

Brand discovery

A session to get under the hood. Discover your essence and what makes you distinctive.

Brand Audits

Review the current state of your brand, what's working and what needs to change.

Define and structure your portfolio for laser-focused communication.

Brand Repositioning

Boost your brand and renew how people perceive it.

Brand Naming

Brand naming

Names that connect your company or product with you and your audience.



Redress your company or product in fresh new threads.

Why Honcho?

We’re not a full-service agency

We only do brandingweb design and development

We build long-term partnerships for success

Like marriage, but with more sex

We're not afraid to speak our mind

Honesty + Experience + Truth

Trusted by 180+ businesses

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Three small steps for you. One giant leap for your brand.

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Get in touch

Give us the low-down.

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Planned and aligned for success.

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Piping hot. On-time. On budget.


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