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Goal-focused user research

Challenge assumptions

Creative design solutions

UI/UX best practises

Usability + accessibility

= Happy users

UX Design

UX Design Chertsey

Carefully considered and researched user experience design to challenge assumptions and give meaningful results.

User Research

Sack assumptions. Get real insight into your users' behaviours, motivations and needs.

User Personas

Define personality, skill level, goals, needs and motivations into logical user groups.

User Flows

Reimagine the perfect user flow and guide users towards Nirvana. (The place, not the band. RIP Kurt).


What pages do your user expect? Pairs perfectly with a large glass of Content Audit.


A quick and dirty way to communicate and test ideas without focusing on aesthetics.


Low-fi interactive proof of concept mockups. Like a real website without development overhead.

Competitor Research

With all our heart, we hate them too. But what are they doing well? What do they suck at? What can we "borrow"?

Content Audit

Discover what pages to cull and what to promote. Seen through the eyes of humans and Google.

Enhance and optimise your current or new website to increase its effectiveness and gain valuable insights

UI Design

UI Design Chertsey

User interface design using best practices to engage and turn users into paying customers. 

Responsive Web Design

Great looking web design across all screens. Except Nokia's.

Illustration, Icons & Photography

Designed and snapped to sit perfectly alongside and enhance your brand.

Copy & content creation

Let us elevate your website with the right stuff. We mite even use a dictionary.

Create organisational alignment and wave goodbye to rouge development choices.

Art Direction

There's only one direction – and they wrote the best song ever. Literally.

Product Design

It’s digital interfaces that aren’t websites, like SASS products.

Accessibility Dev

Website Accessibility

Fast, simple and inclusive. No matter how you surf the web, dude.

Accessibility Guidelines

Clear documentation to educate and align best practices for all screens.

Accessibility UI Audits

Don't unknowingly exclude users. Make sure your site stacks up.

WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant

Colour contrast, font sizes, heading levels. Small details that really matter.

Disco Hire Us

Website Discovery Workshop

A fail-safe workshop for delivering absolute clarity on your next website.

Website Discovery Workshop 👉

Rock-solid process. Zero guesswork.

Our web design process

A deep dive into what we're designing. Speedo's optional.

2. User Research

Who are they? What motivates them? Do they like Marmite?

3. Wireframes + Prototypes

Test ideas quickly with real user feedback.

4. UI Design

Based on actual user research. Not fads or trends.

5. Design Systems

The single source of truth across your organisation.

6. WCAG 2.1 Compliance

Exclude exclusion.

Three small steps for you. One giant leap for your website

Step 1

Get in touch

Share your problems.

Step 2


Planned and aligned for success.

Step 3


Piping hot. On-time. On budget.


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Why Honcho?

There are other web design agencies in Chertsey. So why choose Honcho?

We’re not a full-service agency

Web experts with marketing acumen

We’re remote

We can work with anyone, anywhere

We don't just talk UI/UX

We're hardcore devs too

Ready to talk?

Imagine walking into a high-end boutique, only to find the shelves disorganised, items cluttered, and a confusing layout. Would you stick around? Chances are, you'd leave in search of a better experience. This analogy perfectly illustrates why having a professional web design is crucial for your business's online presence. Introducing Honcho: your go-to solution for sleek, user-friendly website designs that keep your digital storefront organised and inviting – right here in Surrey! Read on as we unravel how our expert designers can help elevate your brand and turn casual browsers into loyal customers with Craft CMS and other modern solutions.

Our web design agency in Chertsey offers a wide range of services to help businesses enhance their online presence. We specialise in designing mobile-responsive websites, creating effective e-commerce sites, developing custom plugins and themes using Craft CMS, and providing ongoing website maintenance and support. Whether you're starting from scratch or need to revamp an existing site, we can help take your online business to the next level.

Chertsey, a historic town nestled on the banks of the River Thames in Surrey, offers a picturesque setting brimming with heritage and a close-knit community feel. For businesses looking to flourish in Chertsey, it's vital to craft a digital presence that captures the town's rich history and vibrant community spirit.

Crafting Your Digital Narrative with Honcho in Chertsey

Honcho is ready to elevate your Chertsey business by intertwining your digital presence with the town's unique characteristics, ensuring your brand resonates with both locals and visitors.

Embedding Chertsey's Essence into Your Website:

  • Chertsey Abbey: Use this symbol of Chertsey’s ancient heritage as an inspiration for your website’s design, emphasising the depth and longevity of your business.

  • Thorpe Park: Highlighting proximity or partnerships with such attractions can draw attention to your business’s fun or leisure-oriented aspects.

  • Chertsey Bridge: Reflecting on connectivity and community, your website can bridge local charm with your business’s modern offerings.

Leveraging Local Insights for Web Excellence:

  • Local SEO: Target Chertsey-centric keywords to ensure your business ranks high in local search results, connecting directly with the community.

  • Community Focus: Demonstrating your involvement in local events or causes can significantly enhance your appeal and local brand loyalty.

  • User Experience Design: Optimise your website for ease of use, ensuring it caters to the Chertsey population’s preferences and needs.

Understanding Chertsey’s Market Dynamics:

  • Consumer Behavior: Tap into the local preference for personalised, community-oriented services to tailor your website’s content and offerings.

  • Competitive Edge: Differentiate your online presence by closely analysing Chertsey’s business landscape, and identifying gaps your business can fill.

Why Choose Honcho for Your Chertsey Venture?

  • Community Integration: With insights into Chertsey’s landmarks, culture, and consumer trends, Honcho designs websites that speak directly to the heart of Chertsey.

  • Customised Digital Solutions: Whether you operate a boutique on Guildford Street or offer professional services across the area, Honcho tailors your web presence to stand out in Chertsey’s market.

Partnering with Honcho means not just establishing a website but forging a digital identity that’s intricately linked with Chertsey's community fabric. Let’s transform your online presence into a digital hub that not only attracts but also retains the attention of Chertsey’s residents and visitors.

Professional Web Design in Chertsey

Are you looking for a professional web design agency in Chertsey? Look no further! Our team of experienced web designers offers high-quality, customised solutions to meet your specific needs, leveraging Craft CMS for powerful and efficient website management.

Whether you need a basic website or a more complex e-commerce platform, our team is ready to create a unique and effective design that will attract visitors and drive conversion rates. We take the time to understand your business and its goals so that we can tailor our services to your specific needs, incorporating Craft CMS where appropriate.

Our team of web designers uses the latest technologies, such as Craft CMS, and techniques to ensure that your website is modern, responsive, and user-friendly. We follow industry best practices to optimise your website for search engines, resulting in better visibility online.

Some people believe that hiring a professional web designer is unnecessary, especially with the abundance of DIY website builders available. However, building a website on your own can be time-consuming and frustrating. Not only do you have to learn how to use the builder, but also design and develop the site on your own. If you're not familiar with coding languages such as HTML or CSS, or platforms like Craft CMS, you may find yourself struggling to create a functional and effective website.

Think of it this way: would you attempt to fix your car's engine if you were not a mechanic? Probably not. The same goes for web design. Leave it to the professionals who have the knowledge and experience necessary to create an outstanding website that represents your brand effectively, using tools such as Craft CMS to enhance functionality and management.

Now that we've discussed why professional web design is crucial let's talk about what makes our services stand out from the rest.

  • Hiring a professional web design agency is essential to creating a high-quality, customised website that drives conversion rates and attracts visitors. DIY website builders can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you're not familiar with coding languages. Our team of experienced web designers in Chertsey offers tailored solutions using the latest technologies and techniques while optimising for search engines to ensure that your website is modern, responsive, and user-friendly. Trust the professionals to create an outstanding website that represents your brand effectively.

Industry-Leading Services & Solutions

When it comes to web design in Chertsey, we provide industry-leading services and solutions that set us apart from other agencies, including expertise in using Craft CMS.

Our team places great emphasis on user experience when designing websites. We believe that a user-friendly website is crucial for maintaining traffic and keeping visitors engaged. Therefore, we use best practices, including incorporating Craft CMS, to ensure that your site is easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and functional.

In addition, our team stays up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends to provide you with a website that is tailored to your target audience's preferences and leverages all the benefits offered by Craft CMS. This includes optimising your website for search engines, social media integration, and email marketing campaigns. Our team of website consultants can also provide guidance on the best ways to promote your site and reach your target audience.

You may be wondering why these services are necessary. But think about this: when you search for something online, how often do you click through multiple pages of search engine results? Most visitors don't make it past the first page, and even fewer continue beyond the second or third. By utilising digital marketing strategies through our web design services and collaborating with our website consultants, we can improve the chances of your website ranking higher in search engine results and reaching a broader audience.

Think of it like this: if you build a beautiful shop but put it in the middle of nowhere where potential customers can't find it, what's its purpose? The same goes for websites; without optimisation for visibility and social media integration, consumers won't be able to find them.

Overall, our industry-leading services and solutions combined with our expert team of web designers and website consultants set us apart as the top choice for businesses looking for professional web design in Chertsey.

Expert Team of Web Developers

If you want to create a professional website, you need the right team of developers to bring your vision to life. Here at our web design agency in Chertsey, we take pride in our expert team of web developers who are dedicated to providing high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our team includes experienced professionals who have extensive knowledge of a wide range of programming languages and web development tools. They constantly keep themselves updated with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. This ensures that your website is not only visually appealing but also highly functional, fast-loading and easily navigable.

Our team has worked on various complex projects for clients from different industries including healthcare, finance, retail, education and more. We have handled everything from simple one-page websites to complex online stores with multiple payment gateways, product options, and API integrations.

We understand that communication is key when it comes to creating an effective website for our clients. That’s why we provide timely updates throughout the development process and actively seek feedback from our clients. This helps us ensure we’re always on track to deliver a website that meets their specific requirements.

We also believe in transparency and honesty when working with our clients. We take care to explain complex technical terms in plain English so that our clients feel fully informed about what goes into their websites.

Crafting Websites: Start to Finish

At our web design agency in Chertsey, crafting websites is a multi-stage process that involves creative thinking combined with technical skills. We aim to bring the client’s ideas into reality while ensuring that every aspect of the project is properly addressed.

At first, we conduct an initial consultation session with the client, where we listen to their needs and take a brief. This helps us understand what the website should look like, its purpose, target audience, and other important details. Once we gather all the information required, we go on the drawing board and create initial wireframes or mockups for the website.

Think of this as designing the blueprint for a house. We ensure that each page is given appropriate attention to maximise usability, improve user experience, and deliver high engagement rates. Additionally, we make sure that the site is mobile-friendly, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the pages on various devices.

Next, our team of experts works around the clock to ensure that every aspect of development runs smoothly. We develop custom themes and layouts tailored specifically for your brand and business needs while ensuring that functionality is at an optimal level.

Our developers use best-practice coding techniques and test every aspect of the site before launch. This ensures that every bit of your visitors' experience is seamless and mobile-friendly, providing an enjoyable browsing session regardless of the device being used.

Once the website is launched, we always remain available to provide support when clients need it. We offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure that your website remains up-to-date and safe from security threats.

This thorough design process in combination with our expert team of web developers helps us deliver quality workmanship that is tailored to meet your specific needs. Ultimately giving you a professionally designed website that will stand out from your competitors and adapt seamlessly on mobile devices!

  • In 2021, it was estimated that there were over 23 million web developers and designers worldwide.
  • According to a survey conducted by Netcraft in August 2023, the total number of websites globally reached around 2.5 billion.
  • A study published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction found that website aesthetics can significantly impact user satisfaction and usability, with up to a 75% increase in user engagement when well-designed visuals were employed.

Quality Workmanship & Building Processes

When it comes to web design, quality workmanship and building processes are crucial components that play a significant role in the outcome of a website. A well-built website ensures seamless functionality, user-friendliness, and overall user satisfaction. At our professional web design agency in Chertsey, we take pride in offering high-quality workmanship and the finest standards of building processes, including mobile-friendly design techniques.

Our team of expert web developers is trained to use advanced tools and technologies in designing websites. We have an intricate understanding of coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which enables us to build robust, responsive, and mobile-friendly websites.

Building a website can be compared to constructing a house. Just as a strong foundation is essential for a house's durability and longevity, so is adhering to sound building processes vital to developing a robust website. And at our web design agency in Chertsey, we understand this analogy very well!

Our quality workmanship cannot be overemphasised. We pay attention to detail and ensure that every aspect of the website development process meets not only our clients' requirements but also industry standards. Our experienced team of web developers employs agile methodologies that guarantee efficient project management while transforming ideas into reality, including the crucial feature of being mobile-friendly.

One of the primary challenges when building websites is ensuring that they load fast across various networks and devices. This challenge often arises due to poor backend optimisation techniques or bloated code structures leading to slow page loads. However, the good news is that our team has extensive experience in optimising page speed by using the latest tools and techniques such as CDNs, and caching mechanisms to provide fast-loading, mobile-friendly websites across multiple devices.

With quality craftsmanship comes many benefits - something we explore in the next section.

Benefits of Professional Web Design

Partnering with professional web designers offers numerous advantages for both new and established businesses. A well-designed, mobile-friendly website can enhance the online presence of a business, driving traffic to the site, fostering positive user experiences, and ultimately increasing conversions.

  • Firstly, a well-crafted website offers visitors an enjoyable experience when interacting with it - from beautiful visuals to seamless functionality. By developing visually appealing websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate, users can easily find the information they need without getting frustrated. A well-thought-out sitemap plays a critical role in creating this user-friendly experience.
  • Secondly, professional web design improves the credibility and trustworthiness of a business. A well-designed website conveys a message of professionalism and attention to detail - two crucial factors that today's savvy consumers look for when choosing a business to work with. In short, businesses can set themselves apart from the competition by having a quality website.

Good web design can be likened to creating an appetising meal presentation in a restaurant; just as a food presentation is essential for creating a memorable dining experience that entices customers back time and again, so is excellent web design essential for making lasting impressions on-site visitors.

  • Lastly, investing in professional web design saves time and money. Working with experts ensures that the website is completed on time and within budget. Furthermore, since professionals already have all the tools required for creating websites, businesses don't need to invest in expensive software or hardware equipment.

Web Design Portfolio & Client Examples

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a professional web design agency in Chertsey is to take advantage of its extensive portfolio and client examples. A high-quality portfolio demonstrates the skills, creativity, and expertise of a web design agency. It also allows potential clients to see how the agency approaches website design projects and what type of results they can expect, including the implementation of sitemaps for better navigation.

When reviewing a web design agency's portfolio, pay close attention to the range of projects showcased. Look for examples that are similar to your own website needs or industry. For example, if you operate an e-commerce business selling fashion products, it's important to see examples of similar e-commerce websites the agency has built. Seeing examples of relevant websites will help you envision how your business can be represented similarly with the same style and build quality.

Additionally, checking out an agency's client list can give you insight into their expertise and experience level. The best web design agencies in Chertsey have worked with clients from various industries including real estate, healthcare, finance, legal services, e-commerce, and more. By reviewing their past clients list showing successful partnerships and completed tasks with established corporations like these, you can gain peace of mind knowing that they are efficient in handling complex projects.

A good analogy for this would be looking at an architect’s portfolio before choosing them to design your new house. Before getting into the contract giving them complete control over designing your home from scratch, every concerned client would need a glimpse into previous works or plans done for other homeowners. This gives you peace of mind in knowing that they can handle your project skillfully before starting construction, including incorporating a sitemap for your website's optimal navigation.

Some people argue that reviewing a web design agency's portfolio is not essential and leads to decision paralysis due to the overwhelming options available. They fear choosing someone who only specialises in one type of design style, such as responsive design, and could bring limited creativity to their project. While having too many options sometimes leads to confusion, clients must select agencies that match their vision for their website. Selecting an agency with experience in your industry reduces the need for further explaining since they already understand the nature and standard aesthetic patterns of businesses within that industry.

To give you an idea about portfolio examples, imagine a beauty salon client. Their web designer selected elegant shades and tones combined with soft fonts to convey relaxation and pleasure among clients. The hairstylist’s work was featured on the landing page, showcasing skills and talent while also highlighting the salon’s ambience using different visual stimuli.

In conclusion, reviewing a web design agency's portfolio is crucial when selecting a dependable team in Chertsey to embark on designing your website or managing its ongoing development. It can prove valuable by offering insight into the design types, past experience working with different industries, challenges faced throughout those projects and overcoming them all with strong problem-solving abilities, along with demonstrating how imagination can be transformed into reality when handled by truly expert designers.

FAQ: Web Design Services in Chertsey

How Does Honcho Approach Custom Web Design for Chertsey Businesses?

At Honcho, we are known for our custom web design solutions that specifically cater to the unique characteristics of businesses in Chertsey. By blending Chertsey’s historical ambience with the modern pulse of its business community, we create web solutions that perfectly encapsulate your brand’s story and strategic ambitions.

  • We approach each project with the precision and creativity of an artist, ensuring every aspect of your website from design to functionality and content narrates your business's story while engaging your target audience.

  • Drawing inspiration from Chertsey’s rich heritage and dynamic commercial scene, our goal is to deliver websites that are not only visually compelling but also provide an engaging and seamless user experience, elevating your brand's online presence.

What Web Design Services Does Honcho Offer to Businesses in Chertsey?

Honcho provides a comprehensive array of web design services tailored to meet the varied needs of Chertsey’s business landscape, ensuring a complete solution for establishing a formidable online presence. Our offerings encompass:

  • Bespoke Website Development: Specialising in creating distinctive websites that act as a digital showcase for your Chertsey business, setting you apart from the competition.

  • Dynamic Visual Design: Crafting visually captivating designs that resonate with Chertsey’s unique character, ensuring your site is engaging and memorable.

  • Strategic SEO and Digital Marketing: Employing targeted strategies to enhance your website's visibility, aimed at connecting you with your ideal audience and boosting conversions.

  • Detailed User Analytics: Leveraging analytics to understand user behaviour, we tailor the website experience to optimise engagement and conversion rates.

  • Continuous Website Maintenance: Offering ongoing support to ensure your website remains current, secure, and in line with the latest digital trends.

How Does Honcho Customise Pricing for Web Design Services in Chertsey?

Understanding the diversity of business sizes and budgets in Chertsey, Honcho tailors its web design pricing to provide scalable and affordable solutions:

  • Small Projects: Ideal for startups or smaller businesses, starting at £15,000, focusing on delivering impactful and efficient web solutions swiftly.

  • Medium Projects: With prices beginning at £25,000, these projects cater to businesses looking to enhance their digital footprint with a custom website that truly reflects Chertsey’s business environment.

  • Large Projects: Starting from £50,000, these extensive endeavours are aimed at established firms seeking a broad, feature-rich digital platform.

Anticipated Timelines for Web Design Projects in Chertsey

Honcho’s project management ensures that web design projects in Chertsey are completed efficiently, adhering to set timelines:

  • Small Projects: Aimed for rapid completion within 1-2 months, perfect for businesses eager to mark their online presence swiftly.

  • Medium Projects: These detailed projects take 2-4 months, allowing for a deep exploration of custom design and functionalities to meet specific business needs.

  • Large Projects: The most comprehensive projects, extending beyond 4 months, involve meticulous planning and execution to establish a significant online presence.

Selecting the Ideal Web Design Service for Your Business in Chertsey

Choosing the right web design service is crucial for any Chertsey business aiming for digital success. Here's how to ensure you make the best choice:

  • Define Your Website Objectives: Understand what you aim to achieve with your website, be it increasing sales, enhancing brand visibility, or offering a platform for customer engagement.

  • Assess Your Budget: Determine your financial capacity to focus on services that offer solutions within your means.

  • Understand Your Audience: Identify who your target audience is and the design elements and functionalities that will best cater to their preferences.

  • Research Thoroughly: Investigate potential web design services, examining their portfolios and engaging in discussions to gain insights into their approach and how it aligns with your business objectives.

  • Evaluate Compatibility: Opt for a web design service with a proven track record in your industry or one that shows a deep understanding of your vision and requirements.

In Chertsey, where tradition meets contemporary business activity, Honcho is committed to providing web design services that not only carve out a strong online presence but also foster the growth and digital legacy of your business.