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Challenge assumptions

Creative design solutions

UI/UX best practises

Usability + accessibility

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UX Design

UX Design Milton Keynes

Carefully considered and researched user experience design to challenge assumptions and give meaningful results.

User Research

Sack assumptions. Get real insight into your users' behaviours, motivations and needs.

User Personas

Define personality, skill level, goals, needs and motivations into logical user groups.

User Flows

Reimagine the perfect user flow and guide users towards Nirvana. (The place, not the band. RIP Kurt).


What pages do your user expect? Pairs perfectly with a large glass of Content Audit.


A quick and dirty way to communicate and test ideas without focusing on aesthetics.


Low-fi interactive proof of concept mockups. Like a real website without development overhead.

Competitor Research

With all our heart, we hate them too. But what are they doing well? What do they suck at? What can we "borrow"?

Content Audit

Discover what pages to cull and what to promote. Seen through the eyes of humans and Google.

And another

We need another service here to make a perfect 3x3 grid. Must remember to remove this when we go live. It'd be really embarrassing if we forgot.

UI Design

UI Design Milton Keynes

User interface design using best practices to engage and turn users into paying customers. 

Responsive Web Design

Great looking web design across all screens. Except Nokia's.

Illustration, Icons & Photography

Designed and snapped to sit perfectly alongside and enhance your brand.

Copy & content creation

Let us elevate your website with the right stuff. We mite even use a dictionary.

Create organisational alignment and wave goodbye to rouge development choices.

Art Direction

There's only one direction – and they're the greatest band in the world, obvs.

Product Design

It’s digital interfaces that aren’t websites, like SASS products (thanks Ben).

Accessibility Dev

Website Accessibility

Fast, simple and inclusive. No matter how you surf the web, dude.

Accessibility Guidelines

Clear documentation to educate and align best practices for all screens.

Accessibility UI Audits

Don't unknowingly exclude users. Make sure your site stacks up.

WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant

Colour contrast, font sizes, heading levels. Small details that really matter.

Disco Hire Us

Website Discovery Workshop

A fail-safe workshop for delivering absolute clarity on your next website.

Website Discovery Workshop 👉

Rock-solid process. Zero guesswork.

Our web design process

A deep dive into what we're designing. Speedo's optional.

2. User Research

Who are they? What motivates them? Do they like Marmite?

3. Wireframes + Prototypes

Test ideas quickly with real user feedback.

4. UI Design

Based on actual user research. Not fads or trends.

5. Design Systems

The single source of truth across your organisation.

6. WCAG 2.1 Compliance

Exclude exclusion.

Three small steps for you. One giant leap for your website

Step 1

Get in touch

Share your problems.

Step 2


Planned and aligned for success.

Step 3


Piping hot. On-time. On budget.


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Why Honcho?

There are plenty of other web design agencies in Milton Keynes. So why choose Honcho?

We’re not a full-service agency

Web experts with marketing acumen

We’re remote

We can work with anyone, anywhere

We don't just talk UI/UX

We're hardcore devs too

Ready to talk?

Are you looking to make an impact with your web presence? Struggling to get the professional results you want with a DIY approach to web design? Look no further than our web design agency in Milton Keynes at Honcho

We all know how important it is to have a standout website in today’s crowded digital landscape, and the most efficient and effective way to achieve this is to hire a professional web design service. But who to choose and where to find them? Well, Milton Keynes is the home to some of the UK’s most talented web designers – and by tapping into their expertise, you can make sure you get the professional results you deserve.

So if you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, read on to find out more about web design services in Milton Keynes – and get the professional results you need now!

Web Design Agency in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes, a town where modern architecture meets green spaces, isn't just a grid of roundabouts; it's a hub of innovation and business dynamism. Your Milton Keynes enterprise needs a website that’s as forward-thinking and diverse as the town itself, from the artistic vibes at The Hub to the serene walks in Campbell Park.

That's where Honcho, your Milton Keynes web design trailblazers, steps in.

At Honcho, we don’t just put together websites. We craft digital experiences that encapsulate Milton Keynes's unique blend of urban charm and business acumen. Whether you're a disruptive startup in Bletchley or a thriving business in Central Milton Keynes, our goal is to make your online presence as compelling and multifaceted as the town itself.

Envision your website as your digital Centre MK – innovative, engaging, and the go-to destination. From sleek e-commerce platforms for retailers in Xscape to sophisticated service sites for professionals in Loughton, we ensure your website not only gets noticed but becomes a beacon in Milton Keynes's digital landscape.

Why We Offer Web Design in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes, with its well-planned layout and a population of over 250,000, is not just about concrete cows and shopping centres; it's a vibrant scene for businesses eager to carve out their digital niche.

In recent years, Milton Keynes has experienced a surge in business growth, providing the ideal canvas for distinctive and influential web design. Each business in Milton Keynes has a story, as intricate as the town’s grid system, and we're here to bring these stories to life on the digital stage.

Offering web design in Milton Keynes means we’re not just building websites; we’re creating digital platforms that reflect the innovative spirit and ambitions of Milton Keynes’s business community.

Whether it’s a boutique in The Centre:mk or a tech firm in the MK Business Centre, our web design services are custom-tailored to ensure your online presence not only fits in but stands out in Milton Keynes’s dynamic business environment.

Milton Keynes Web Design Highlights:

  • A 2021 survey showed that 72% of businesses in Milton Keynes were impressed with their local web design services, citing creativity and effectiveness.

  • Research in 2022 revealed that Milton Keynes-designed websites enjoyed a 28% increase in user engagement, showcasing their strong appeal.

  • The latest figures indicate a 16% growth in web design agencies in Milton Keynes from 2019 to 2023, reflecting the rising demand for innovative web solutions in the town.

Web Design Services in Milton Keynes

In recent years, Milton Keynes has experienced a surge in web design services, driven by significant cost savings and numerous benefits for businesses and individuals. These services enhance customer engagement, boost SEO, and elevate user experiences. While some concerns about design control, costs, and customization exist, Milton Keynes's web designers offer highly professional, bespoke solutions.

Comprehensive Services for Tailored Needs 

Professional web designers provide a broad spectrum of services, including bespoke website creation, template customization, mobile development, e-commerce solutions, online marketing, SEO, and third-party integrations. With an emphasis on branding and custom graphics, these experts also offer comprehensive support in programming and hosting.

The Benefits of Professional Web Design 

Opting for professional web design brings several advantages: assured product quality, timely delivery, application of suitable technologies, and competitive pricing suitable for various budgets. This is why an increasing number of businesses choose expert web designers for their online requirements.

Deep Dive into the Development Process 

The website development process involves meticulous steps for optimal outcomes. Starting with project setup, it moves through design, development, coding, testing, and refinement. This process requires a methodical approach, relying on the expertise of seasoned web developers. SEO, an integral part of this process, ensures enhanced website visibility.

Finding the Right Web Design Partner 

Selecting a skilled web design team is crucial for successful online representation. The vast array of local web design services, as indicated by the 2018 survey revealing over 9,000 related businesses in the area, provides ample choice for businesses seeking quality web design. The growing internet search trends for web design services reflect this rising demand.

Elevating Web Design in Milton Keynes with Professional Expertise

In Milton Keynes, the realm of professional web design is marked by a blend of experience, expertise, and a deep understanding of the local market. This unique combination ensures websites not only look exceptional but also resonate effectively with target audiences.

Collaborative and Skilled Approach 

Professional web designers in Milton Keynes bring more to the table than just technical know-how. They collaborate seamlessly with content creators, graphic designers, and videographers, ensuring every aspect of your website harmonizes perfectly. Their proficiency in industry-standard coding also guarantees enhanced search engine visibility, a crucial element for online success.

The impact of high-quality design is unmistakable – it sets your website apart, driving increased traffic and conversions. In today’s digital-centric business landscape, a standout website is not just a luxury, but a necessity.

Comprehensive Support and Maintenance 

Choosing a professional web design team in Milton Keynes means more than just an aesthetically pleasing website. It includes ongoing support and troubleshooting, essential for maintaining your site’s performance. These professionals bring a wealth of experience, enabling them to deliver optimal results efficiently, thus allowing you to focus on your business.

Having the right team is not just about achieving success – it's about ensuring it. The next step is finding a reliable partner who aligns with your business goals and can turn your vision into reality.

Expertise and Collaborative Teamwork 

Local web design firms in Milton Keynes boast highly qualified professionals adept in modern tools and technologies. Their approach is not just about individual expertise but also about fostering collaboration and teamwork. This holistic view ensures that all project angles are covered, providing clients with a range of viable solutions.

Quality and Comprehensive Packages 

Quality in web design extends beyond expertise; it includes the range and depth of services offered. Prospective clients should look for teams using up-to-date design methods and offering comprehensive packages. Evaluating previous customer reviews and service impact can guide you in choosing a team that delivers quality results and value for money.

Innovative Online Presence Solutions 

Web design services in Milton Keynes go beyond basic website creation. They encompass SEO optimisation, aesthetic design, web hosting, and device compatibility, ensuring your website is accessible and engaging. Social media integration, optimized product pages, automated campaigns, and targeted content are also part of these comprehensive services.

Professional web designers in Milton Keynes understand the importance of an intuitive, user-friendly interface that not only attracts traffic but also converts it into tangible results. As technology evolves, having a team capable of utilizing its full potential is key to staying competitive.

Maximizing Your Online Impact with Milton Keynes Web Design Services

Understanding the benefits of professional web design services in Milton Keynes is key to leveraging your digital presence effectively. A skilled web design team offers more than aesthetic appeal; they ensure your website is a potent tool in achieving your business goals. A well-designed website boosts your brand's credibility, potentially ramps up sales, and enriches customer experience.

Quality Design and Expertise 

The standout advantage of a professional team lies in their commitment to quality. They dive deep into understanding your business, industry, and audience, crafting a website that authentically represents your brand. Their designs are not just visually striking but also user-friendly and responsive across devices. In contrast, template-based or poorly designed websites can leave visitors with an unprofessional impression, hurting potential customer engagement.

SEO: A Key to Digital Success 

In the competitive digital arena, a well-optimized website can give you a significant edge. Professional web designers integrate SEO into your site's design, structure, and content, boosting your search engine rankings. A strategic SEO approach enhances your online visibility, making it easier for customers to find you.

Access to Digital Expertise 

Working with web design experts opens doors to broader digital solutions, potentially unlocking new revenue streams and streamlining business processes. These professionals can offer insights into effective digital marketing strategies, including social media campaigns and email marketing, which are often underutilized yet powerful tools in modern marketing.

Beyond a Website: A Comprehensive Digital Strategy 

Choosing professional web design services in Milton Keynes isn't just about crafting a visually appealing site; it's about seizing opportunities to improve visibility, engage customers, and explore new marketing avenues. A professional team can reveal possibilities that go unnoticed with basic templates or DIY online solutions. Investing in a skilled web design team is an investment in the future success of your business.

At Honcho, we’re ready to channel the distinctive character of Milton Keynes into your online presence. Let’s work together to create not just a website but a vibrant digital representation of your business's story, resonating within the dynamic environment of Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Web Design Services: Honcho Agency FAQ

What’s the Expertise Level of Your Web Design Team?

In Milton Keynes, Honcho boasts a crew of web design virtuosos, adept at blending creativity with technology. This team is a melting pot of visionary artists and tech whizzes, dedicated to transforming your online presence. They're not just building websites; they're crafting digital narratives that reflect the vibrancy of Milton Keynes. Whether it's a sleek, new online platform or a revitalisation of your current site, these maestros use their skills to ensure your website not only looks fantastic but functions flawlessly.

What’s the Price Tag for a Honcho-Crafted Website?

Transparency is key in our pricing:

  • Budding Businesses: Starting at £15,000, ideal for small-scale, impactful websites that launch your venture into the digital realm with style and efficiency.

  • Growing Enterprises: Prices initiate from £25,000, where custom features and functionalities come into play, suited for expanding businesses seeking a unique digital footprint.

  • Corporate Powerhouses: Starting from £50,000, for those requiring a comprehensive suite of services, including advanced e-commerce solutions and complex custom features.

Your investment in a Honcho website is an investment in your business’s future in Milton Keynes. Let’s talk about finding the perfect balance for your project.

How Quickly Can Honcho Deliver My Website?

Project timelines vary based on your needs:

  • Swift Solutions: 1-2 months for smaller projects. Aimed at quick, yet impactful launches for start-ups and small businesses.

  • Custom Creations: 2-4 months for medium projects. These are for businesses seeking more tailored, unique digital solutions.

  • Extensive Endeavours: 4+ months for larger projects. These involve in-depth, comprehensive website builds with intricate features and functionalities.

We're committed to keeping you updated throughout the process, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion.

What Web Design Services Does Honcho Offer?

Honcho’s services in Milton Keynes are as diverse as the city itself:

  • Bespoke Website Development: Creating custom websites that are not just visually appealing but packed with functionality to meet your business needs.

  • Graphic Excellence: Ensuring your website's visuals are not just attractive but optimised for performance, providing a seamless user experience.

  • SEO Strategies: Implementing robust SEO techniques to elevate your website's visibility, including keyword optimisation and link-building campaigns.

  • User Behavior Analytics: Offering insights into how visitors interact with your site, enabling data-driven improvements for maximum engagement.

  • Continuous Website Care: Regular updates and maintenance to keep your website at the forefront of digital trends and technology.