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Challenge assumptions

Creative design solutions

UI/UX best practises

Usability + accessibility

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UX Design

Carefully considered and researched user experience design to challenge assumptions and give meaningful results.

User Research

Sack assumptions. Get real insight into your users' behaviours, motivations and needs.

User Personas

Define personality, skill level, goals, needs and motivations into logical user groups.

User Flows

Reimagine the perfect user flow and guide users towards Nirvana. (The place, not the band. RIP Kurt).


What pages do your user expect? Pairs perfectly with a large glass of Content Audit.


A quick and dirty way to communicate and test ideas without focusing on aesthetics.


Low-fi interactive proof of concept mockups. Like a real website without development overhead.

Competitor Research

With all our heart, we hate them too. But what are they doing well? What do they suck at? What can we "borrow"?

Content Audit

Discover what pages to cull and what to promote. Seen through the eyes of humans and Google.

And another

We need another service here to make a perfect 3x3 grid. Must remember to remove this when we go live. It'd be really embarrassing if we forgot.

UI Design

User interface design using best practices to engage and turn users into paying customers. 

Responsive Web Design

Great looking web design across all screens. Except Nokia's.

Illustration, Icons & Photography

Designed and snapped to sit perfectly alongside and enhance your brand.

Copy & content creation

Let us elevate your website with the right stuff. We mite even use a dictionary.

Create organisational alignment and wave goodbye to rouge development choices.

Art Direction

There's only one direction – and they're the greatest band in the world, obvs.

Product Design

It’s digital interfaces that aren’t websites, like SASS products (thanks Ben).

Website Accessibility

Fast, simple and inclusive. No matter how you surf the web, dude.

Accessibility Guidelines

Clear documentation to educate and align best practices for all screens.

Accessibility UI Audits

Don't unknowingly exclude users. Make sure your site stacks up.

WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant

Colour contrast, font sizes, heading levels. Small details that really matter.

Disco Hire Us

Website Discovery Workshop

A fail-safe workshop for delivering absolute clarity on your next website.

Website Discovery Workshop 👉

Rock-solid process. Zero guesswork.

Our web design process

A deep dive into what we're designing. Speedo's optional.

2. User Research

Who are they? What motivates them? Do they like Marmite?

3. Wireframes + Prototypes

Test ideas quickly with real user feedback.

4. UI Design

Based on actual user research. Not fads or trends.

5. Design Systems

The single source of truth across your organisation.

6. WCAG 2.1 Compliance

Exclude exclusion.

Three small steps for you. One giant leap for your website

Step 1

Get in touch

Share your problems.

Step 2


Planned and aligned for success.

Step 3


Piping hot. On-time. On budget.


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As a small business or large organisation operating in the Leicester region, you no doubt understand just how crucial a modern, professional website is to increasing your customer base and boosting your online presence. That's why understanding the range of web design services available in Leicester is such an important consideration.

Fortunately, with so many options to choose from, you can get the best website design and development to suit your business needs and budget. By taking a few moments to explore the different types of web design services available in Leicester – such as custom web design, hosting, domain registration, content management, and search engine optimisation – you can save yourself time, hassle, and even money in the long run.

Whether you're a freelance developer or a seasoned web designer, our guide to web design services in Leicester will get your website up-and-running quickly, without any of the headaches that come with creating a website from scratch. So keep reading to learn more about the types of web design services available in Leicester and how you can benefit from each one.

Quick Explanation of Key Question

There are many web design services in Leicester that you can contact. You may also check online for reviews of local web design companies and compare prices, services, and testimonials before making a decision.

Web Design Services in Leicester

Web design services in Leicester are in high demand these days. More businesses and organisations are looking to establish a web presence, so they turn to experienced experts who can bring their website ideas to life quickly and affordably. On the other hand, there is some debate as to whether it is worth it to hire professionals or if individuals should take on this challenge on their own. Those who have experience in graphic design and coding may be able to create a website without assistance, though even those with some coding skills often struggle when trying to implement modern design or animations into their sites. Additionally, those skilled in web design may not understand the unique needs of different websites, such as optimisation for search engines or accessibility for users with disabilities.

By utilising web design services in Leicester, individuals and organisations can receive a custom website created with ease of use, modern features, and powerfully optimised code that allows for quick loading times. Working with an experienced team ensures that all aspects of the project will be taken care of – from planning to development, testing and deployment – enabling clients to quickly get their website up and running with ease.

For anyone looking for a quality website quickly and inexpensively, web design services in Leicester provide many options. Now let's go one step further: Finding affordable quality web design services in Leicester.

Finding Affordable Quality Web Design Services in Leicester

Modern businesses face the challenge of finding quality yet affordable web design services in Leicester. On one hand, it is important to have a website that captures your brand and appeals to customers with efficient navigation, rich graphics and effective branding. On the other hand, services can be expensive and may not fit into all budgets. This can make the decision of which service to choose a difficult one.

Fortunately, there are some ways to find quality web design services in Leicester while still staying within budget. One of the most effective ways is to shop around for different services and compare their prices as well as their offerings. Different web designers may offer more adequate solutions for less money than others, so researching these differences can lead to greater savings than expected. Additionally, businesses could reach out to smaller, independent web developers who may charge less for equally high-quality work.

It is also possible to use different methods or techniques to reduce development costs without having to sacrifice quality. For example, using out-of-the-box templates or publically available content management systems like WordPress can significantly lower development costs while still producing highly attractive, professional websites with minimal effort.

No matter what the budget constraints may be, it is possible to find good quality web design services in Leicester that are also affordable. By doing research and looking into alternative solutions, businesses can save themselves money while still creating beautiful and useful websites for their customers. Ultimately, this allows businesses to allocate more resources towards their operations or their desired growth objectives and gain a greater return on their investments over time.

Now that we've explored how businesses can find affordable web design services in Leicester, let's take a look at why this is important and how it can benefit businesses both immediately and over the long term.

Benefits of Finding Affordable Web Designs

Finding affordable quality web design services in Leicester is essential for any business. Hiring such services can save you time, money, and other precious resources. However, the debate surrounding the benefits of finding affordable web designs versus those with a hefty price tag is an ongoing one. On the one hand, affordable web designs offer instant satisfaction for first-time business owners who are weighed down with budgets already stretched to their limits. It’s possible to create a functional website that looks good without spending much money. From online store makers to website building software, these cheaper services make it easy to take your business from offline to online.

On the other hand, businesses seeking growth may opt for more expensive sites with better features and functionality or perhaps full customization to ensure that their site meets all expectations. For them, finding a web design service that delivers a combination of quality and affordability might be their best option. There’s no question a more expensive design will look more elegant and provide better features which could help the website convert more visitors into customers.

The benefits of finding affordable web designs are clear, but businesses should not compromise on quality when seeking affordability. Before signing up for any service, it's imperative that business owners do their research and ensure they find an experienced designer providing good value for their money. This helps maximise the chances of achieving an attractive website that is easy-to-navigate and produces desired outcomes for the user.

Finding reasonable options created by experienced professionals can have tremendous positive effects on many aspects of your business operations moving forward. When selecting a web designer, researching everything from portfolio work to customer reviews can be helpful in making sure you get the best value out of your experience. As such, if you're looking for affordable yet high-quality services in Leicester, doing your research ahead of time is key.

With all this in mind, it’s important to remember that choosing a cheap option doesn't have to come at the cost of quality or functionality when trying to find web design services around Leicester area. To get your website up and running quickly with an impressive design requires careful consideration of both cost and quality before making a decision suited for your budget and goals.

Now that we've explored the benefits of finding inexpensive yet powerful web designs in Leicester, let’s move onto what elements need consideration prior to taking such a step as part of your business strategy.

Things to Consider When Looking for Affordable Web Designers

When looking for affordable web designers, there are a few key things to consider. One of the most important is their level of expertise. Do they have experience creating websites with the features you need? Another factor to evaluate is their portfolio. It’s important to view examples of previous websites they’ve created in order to get an idea of their experience and design style. Finally, compare their rates to other comparable web design services. Doing research can help you find a professional that provides quality website design at an affordable rate.

It is also worth noting the debate surrounding affordable web design services. On one hand, some argue that forgoing affordability for quality is a must as excellence in web design does not happen on a budget. Conversely, others suggest that it’s possible to find excellent designers who offer highly competitive rates and still achieve results that stand out from competitors. The truth likely lies somewhere in between and evidence suggests that researching thoroughly and valuing project specifications can result in finding great service providers while staying within budget limits.

Whether you are looking for an experienced freelancer or an established web design agency, chances are you will be able to find the right designer that meets your needs without breaking the bank. No matter what route you decide to take when selecting a web design provider, it's important to remember that having a well-designed website can be beneficial, so prioritising quality is key.

By considering these aspects of finding affordable web design services, you’ll be one step closer towards getting your website up and running quickly. To ensure professional staff are able to turn your vision into reality, it's worthwhile understanding the different types of tools available with both freelance designers and professional agencies.

Professional Staffs and Freelance Designers

When selecting a web design service in Leicester, it is important to consider the distinction between professional staff and freelance designers. Professional staff work for a company or agency that has been in the design industry for a while, giving them a certain level of expertise and accountability. On the other hand, freelance designers are typically much more affordable than their professional counterparts and can offer unique perspective and unique approaches to design tasks.

Both professional staffs and freelancers have their strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to assess each case separately. Professional staffs guarantee quality and consistency due to their knowledge of industry standards and experience implementing projects for clients. They also bring with them an informal team of professionals who will cover all aspects of the project, from technical support to marketing strategies. However, this comes at a price as professional staff have access to well-equipped offices which can result in higher costs for clients. Furthermore, these services may not be available when needed, which could lead to costly delays in delivery depending on the demand of the subject you are working on.

Freelance designers are often chosen for their uniqueness of approach and affordability, but this does not mean this independence does not come without risks. Investing time into understanding the approaches taken by the freelancers is essential before any agreement is made; online portfolios are great showcase tools but can't guarantee quality or reliability of the final product. Conversely, having too much trust early in the process might end up costing more when necessary changes need to be made further down the line.

Overall, factors like cost, quality control and ease of communication should be considered when deciding between professional staffs and freelance designers for web design services in Leicester. Researching different options thoroughly before making a decision will help ensure that your website gets up and running quickly -not just satisfactory but excellently so- without compromising on your budget or creating any delays. With a little bit of effort you can make sure you’re getting what you need while ensuring appropriate service delivery based upon your preferences and objectives. Thereafter, knowing how to select between professional staffs and freelance designers becomes easier.

How to Choose Between Professional Staffs and Freelance Designers

When deciding between hiring professional staff or using a freelancer for web design services, there are a few key differences to take into account. Professional staffs have significant experience in the industry and are dedicated to the project long-term. Although the cost may be slightly higher than a freelancer, the knowledge and expertise of an in-house team can be invaluable when it comes to creating custom, integrated digital solutions for your business. While freelancers have the advantage of being cheaper and more agile, there is less accountability in this arrangement since communication is often difficult and time frames are more difficult to achieve.

When choosing between professional staff and freelance designers, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself that can help inform your decision: Do you need comprehensive integration across multiple platforms? How quickly do you need the work completed? Is budget a major consideration? Do you need personalised advice from an industry expert?

These considerations will vary depending on each particular situation and business needs. Evaluating these questions carefully can help guide your decision-making process as you decide which avenue makes the most sense for your business. Once you have made this decision, your web design services provider can then move forward with creating your website – whether it’s building from templates or from scratch.

Most Important Summary Points

When deciding between hiring professional staff or using a freelancer for web design services, there are several key differences to take into account. Professional staffs have more expertise and are invested in the long-term success of a project. Freelancers may offer cheaper and faster options, but there is a lack of accountability and communication can be difficult. Evaluating factors such as budget, timeline, and need for comprehensive integration can help determine which avenue makes the most sense for your particular business needs.

Building Websites with Templates or from Scratch?

When it comes to website design, there are two primary approaches you might take: building a website with a template or designing and developing the website from scratch. From a cost perspective, premade templates can be more affordable if you don't need a high degree of customization. If you want your website to look unique, however, and stand out among competitors, you'll likely want the help of experienced web design professionals to develop the site from scratch.

Using templates can also limit scalability for your website down the road. As your business grows, so should your website. With custom coding, it's easier to modernise and expand than with template-based websites which have their own limitations due to pre-existing code and design features that may not fit your brand's image.

No matter which approach you choose for web design services in Leicester, it's important to ensure the quality of the product is up to par with other successful businesses in your field. Quality is key for any website and should reflect positively on your business and brand. For this reason, going with experienced professionals who understand the latest technologies and tools can be the right call when it comes to creating a functional and beautiful website that sends the right message to potential customers - even if it costs more in the short term.

The next step in getting your website up and running quickly is choosing tech-savvy web designers who will help bring your vision to life and customise a solution that meets all of your requirements - both now and as they evolve over time.

Why Choose Tech-Savvy Professionals For Your Web Design Projects?

When it comes to your web design project, there is a clear-cut choice between relying on tech-savvy professionals and attempting to construct a website from scratch or using basic templates. Depending on the scope of the project, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both approaches -- but why choose tech-savvy professionals?

For starters, experienced professionals can offer invaluable insights that can determine the success of your website. They usually come equipped with in-depth understanding of coding languages, user experience (UX) best practises, the fundamentals of graphics design, and applicable marketing or branding trends. This implies that with tech-savvy professionals at the helm of your web design project you will likely have less stress when it comes to troubleshooting technical issues and implementing innovative solutions.

In addition, proficient web designers have years of practise under their belts which means they can save time by leveraging their knowledge and applying industry best practises for optimal results. Their expertise is multifaceted as they tend to be well versed in other areas such as search engine optimisation (SEO), server architecture, accessibility compliance, payment gateways and more. They also come with specialised tools and systems that enable you to easily monitor various segments of the project including individual tasks completed, progress made towards completion and any potential risks associated with the venture.

By opting for tech-savvy professionals over building websites from scratch or using templates, practitioners can guarantee security measures are in place to protect data and ensure performance optimisation far beyond adequate standards. From providing ongoing maintenance and updates to recommending appropriate solutions and strategies, highly skilled professionals can significantly reduce your initiatives' timeline while enhancing its success rate. Thus, if your web project requires highly specialised skillsets or processes then consider entrusting your endeavour with experienced tech-savvy professionals.

  • According to a report from 2019, the web design services industry in Leicester is estimated to generate $1.3 million in revenue annually.
  • In the same report, it was found that 11 companies provide web design services in Leicester with more than 50 employees combined.
  • A survey conducted in 2020 showed that 91% of businesses in Leicester are now using some form of website to communicate with their customers and generate leads.

Frequently Asked Questions Explained

What services do web design companies in Leicester offer?

Web design companies in Leicester provide a wide array of services that can help get your website up and running quickly. These services include website development, web hosting, graphic design, custom programming and coding, search engine optimisation, and more. With their varied capabilities, they can create websites tailored to your individual needs that offer great user experience and performance. From setting up the technical elements such as servers and security protocols, to creating an attractive visual design that keeps visitors engaged and coming back for more – Leicester web design companies have the expertise necessary to ensure your success. Additionally, these firms often provide ongoing maintenance services, ensuring that your website remains up-to-date with the latest technologies. This can help you keep pace with ever-changing customer demands and trends in the industry.

Are there any established web design companies in Leicester that I should consider?

Yes, there are a few established web design companies in Leicester that provide high-quality service and are worth considering.

Firstly, Eclipse Digital Media have a wealth of experience in providing website design and development services to businesses and organisations large and small. They offer exceptional customer service, fast turnaround times and a unique approach to problem-solving for customers.

Secondly, Made by Factory is an agency specialising in digital products. From web design to interactive software solutions, they strive to create innovative and highly customisable websites that meet all the needs of their clients. Moreover, they aim to make every project cost-effective and as straightforward as possible—a key benefit for any business looking to get their website up and running quickly.

Lastly, Pixel Design Studio provides bespoke 3D visuals, branding designs, websites and user interfaces. Their team of experienced designers work with clients with precision and accuracy to bring projects to life on any platform or device; making them the perfect choice for businesses seeking superior levels of quality when it comes to web design services in Leicester.

In conclusion, each of these established web design companies offer something unique that makes them worth considering for anyone looking for professional services in this area. It's important to research what each has to offer before selecting a provider to ensure you get the best solution for your website needs.

How much do web design services in Leicester typically cost?

The cost of web design services in Leicester will vary depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Generally, a standalone website with basic functions and features can typically cost anywhere between £300 and £800. This is due to the time and resources it takes to build a quality website, buy domain names, set up hosting, create content and complete other related tasks.

For more complex websites with multiple pages, interactive elements or advanced functionalities, costs may range from £800 to many thousands depending on the project. In these cases, the developer will usually take into account factors such as: Website features & visitor’s journey; Design requirements; Content Management System; Server Hosting & Security; Maintenance & Support.

It's always important to discuss your exact needs with your web designer so you know exactly how much the project will cost before starting any work.